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24 Gardening Tips to Help Sell Your Home

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  1. Ensure that all lawns are carefully manicured and weed free.
  2. Continue to fertilize and water all lawns to maintain a rich green colour.
  3. Mulch all flower beds to a depth of no more than two inches using one of the many decorative mulches available. (i.e. red cedar, cocoa beans, pine bark, etc.)
  4. All flower and vegetable beds should be relatively weed free.
  5. Edge the borders of your flower beds using the trough method or bordering them with plastic, stone or wood edging material.
  6. Trim all bushes, shrubs and trees and remove any deadwood.
  7. Trim or remove bushes that hide any windows. A home with more natural light is easier to sell.(Don’t forget to clean all of your exterior windows.)
  8. Ensure that all of your yard water treatments are clean, functioning and void of algae. This may include ponds, birdbaths and fountains.
  9. Plant some colourful annuals at the front of your home to give an inviting effect. Townhouse condominium owners, if given permission, can do this to set their unit apart from the many flowerless ones of their neighbours.
  10. Develop a few floral container arrangements and place them strategically on your front porch, on either side of your garage door and on your deck.
  11. Inspect sheds, deck boxes or other garden structures that they are neat and clean.
  12. Garden effects, including feeders and birdhouses should be clean and in good condition. It would be a nice touch, if you have not done so already, to place a few garden effects around the yard to make it warmer and more inviting.
  13. Garden implements in sheds, etc should be clean and neatly arranged.
  14. Trim border areas of lawn with lawn trimmers.
  15. Remove weed growth from interlocking brick driveways and walkways.
  16. Any compost bins in the yard should be turned frequently and not emitting any significant odours.
  17. Place a few window box floral arrangements on your lower rear window ledges.
  18. Continue to scrub and clean your lawn furniture so it does not take away from all the good horticultural improvements you have made.
  19. Vegetable gardeners can take note to pick some of the crop and have it displayed outside on a garden table. This is not only very appealing but also has good visual effects.
  20. Apartment condominium owners and homeowners selling in the winter can also use horticultural effects to improve the appearance of their homes by strategically placing several fresh bouquets of flowers around the home in addition to a number of live potted plants.
  21. Clean and organise your Garden Shed as this is another ‘qualifying room’ many buyers look to in purchasing a home.
  22. Have any details of any lawn or garden service employed by the Vendor. This would take away any questions of cost of maintaining lawns, and, or gardens.
  23. Repair any damage to lawns or gardens caused by house pets and try to make an effort not to have them outside during showings so a potential Purchaser can view the entire outdoors without distraction.
  24. Clear any vegetative or other debris from the yard area or at least organize it into neat piles. Too much debris in a yard not only distracts from the yard itself, but also conjures up visions to a Purchaser that it will be left behind on closing.
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