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Preparing To Move: Checklist of Moving Tips

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moving boxes.
  • Get estimates from moving companies and arrange method of payment.
  • Sell, give away, discard unnecessary belongings.
  • Notify post office and send out change of address cards to companies to inform of move.
  • Get school records for transfer to new school.
  • Check and clear tax assessments on your current property.
  • Collect and send out all items to be cleaned and repaired.
  • Return all items borrowed, and collect all items loaned.
  • Arrange for connection and shutting off all utilities.
  • Dispose of flammable items.
  • Defrost and clean fridge one day before move; clean stove.
  • Have meters read.
  • Use up perishable food.
  • Arrange to transport plants, pets, fish and perishables.
  • Clean rugs and drapes.
  • Arrange for work that has to be done at new home.
  • Get moving company appraisals of items for future claims.
  • Cancel cleaning woman, pool maintenance, window cleaners, snow removal, etc.
  • Assure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit.

Packing and Storage

  • Get packing paper, pad for inventory, and marking pens./li>
  • Boxes or containers for packing, heavy twine or masking tape.
  • Empty gasoline from lawnmowers, outboard motors, etc.
  • Remove batteries from toys, and appliances.
  • Mark cartons clearly as to contents and room to be put in.
  • Set aside things you will carry in car in carton marked "Do not load".
  • Mark clearly cartons you want loaded last, unloaded first.
  • Take a telephone book with you.
  • Tie or tape mops, brooms, curtain rods in bundles.
  • Point out and mark especially fragile or delicate items.
  • Carry currency, jewellery and valuable papers yourself.
  • Do not overload drawers when packing items in dressers.
  • Liquids in bottles should have tops secured.
  • CDs, records, cassettes and videotapes should be packed in an upright position on their edges, not flat.
  • Large mirrors, glass tabletops and valuable pictures can be crated.
  • Books should be packed on edge in small boxes.
  • Carton weight should not exceed 60 pounds.
  • All boxes should be tied/taped securely.
  • Pack lampshades in boxes by themselves.
  • Do not use newspaper to pack anything; the ink rubs off.
  • Do not leave shelves loose in refrigerator or stove.
  • Small appliances should be wrapped and packed in the bottom of boxes.
  • Do not pack cleaning products in the same box as food.
  • Table lamps should be packed.
  • Place heavy china items at bottom of box; all flat pieces should be placed on edge.
  • Small items should be packed in a small box inside a larger one.
  • Move clothes in wardrobes supplied by mover.
  • Drapes can be moved in wardrobes as well.
  • Do not roll mattresses or rugs; leave for mover (special cartons).
  • Do not wrap articles of furniture or tie the ropes.
  • Large power tools should be dismantled for moving.
  • Take down any fixtures fastened to wall.


  • Have children and pets elsewhere, if possible.
  • Check off numbered boxes.
  • Check each carton for damage or loss.
  • List claims for lost or damaged articles.
  • Pay movers.
  • Check supply of heating fuel.
  • Get appliances hooked up.
  • Get utilities turned on, or meters read.
  • Get kitchen and bedrooms set up first

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